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Blue Pepper Sauce !


 Sept. 23 , 2017

We started the day with permission at a good friends property. We began digging on the back of the lot. It had a nice layer all the way across the back. After digging down and across a few feet , at about 4 feet we saw the top of a slave brick lining. My gosh, there it was - an early privy . We were pumped. Luke with a nice gloppy lipped whiskey just outside the Privy wall.

Buddy wishing for something. I wonder if he will get his wish ?
Bill starting in the hole
Bill first discovers a Hutch off the top, then Starting to get a little deeper Luke and Mike begin finding blob sodas. A C.J.Hargan and a J.W.Reinders
Starting to heat up, we put up the canopy and a great little ink pops right out of the dirt !
Bill with a Salt Glaze Jug and mineral water then Buddy holding a strap-sided Flask.
Buddy standing beside our good friend Duke Walker who stayed with us 98% of the day. A great guy and Bill cant wait until he sees the next mysterious bottle come up .
Luke with an aqua Knox druggist and a Highrock Congress C & W Saratoga Water !

Luke pulls up a a great Memphis Beer! Awesome ! Henry Luehrmann. WOWEEE!!

Oh my gosh ! Bill brings up a Bitters

St. Gotthard Herb Bitters

Mette & Kanne

St. Louis, Mo

We're going to change his name from Brickliner Bill to Bitters Digger Bill !

Then down in the hole  we passed up a good pepper Sauce bottle ! Alright . We found a Pepper Sauce with mud all over it ! Then Robbie started cleaning it when we found out - not just a neat bottle but a Blue  Pepper Sauce !!!! What ? Did you say it is Biue? Oh my gosh ! What a SUPER DUPER RARE BOTTLE !! We can count on 1 hand how many of these there are. God is Great !! And , oh man , Buddy how'd you do that ? If you are interested in Buying this bottle call Mike @ 901-364-0563 or Email me Serious inquiries only please.
Perfect !!

And thank goodness for Robbie .

He hung in there all day with us


washing all the bottles including

the Blue beauty !!

Holding a banded slipware Chamber Pot!

I wonder if next week will be any better ?

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